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Do you run a business where you have to keep inventory stored in a warehouse? If yes, aren’t you terribly afraid that your warehouse might go up in flames and you lose all of your inventory? Then click here to close a deal on warehouse insurance today and protect your sellable goods against loss and damage!


Why you need warehouse insurance

It’s understandable if you are curious about how this type of insurance exactly works. What does it cover and what are the terms? How do you know if all your goods are covered? Well, let’s dive into those questions one by one.

What does it cover

With warehouse inventory insurance you will insure your inventory against damage to your business caused by – for example – theft, damaging weather conditions, in-house accidents like employee damagement and more. It’s important to check the damage conditions with your insurance company.

What counts as inventory?

There are two types of goods in a company; commercial and company goods. While the first covers any stock that you may sell or literally consume to operate your business. This is usually not covered. Company goods belong to your inventory and are needed for operating your business. Think about machines, vehicles and working equipment.

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