Glass Sliding Doors

glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors have been a popular choice for exterior and interior design in the last few decades. This post will be going over some of the most important considerations to take into account before installing glass sliding doors on your home, as well as what you’ll need to get started with the installation.

How Do They Work?

Glass sliding doors, also known as ‘sliders,’ are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a door that can easily move in and out of the way. Sliding doors work by having their inner side designed to roll on wheels attached to the floor, while the outer side has either mechanical or manual openers that push it into its rolling track. Sliding doors can either roll up or down, depending on the track setup; sliding up allows you to keep your view out, while sliding down can provide more security for safety and privacy.

glass sliding doors

Types of Glass Sliding Doors

1. Exterior

Exterior sliders are designed for rough weather conditions and are made of extra-thick glass. They come with rollers with special rubber protection, which prevents the door from being stuck in any position. Moreover, these sliders also have an extra magnet at the bottom of the track to keep them sealed shut during heavy storms or wind gusts.

2. Interior

Interior sliders are more commonly used in modern homes and can have several panels that slide open into a stack or a single panel that moves outside the house.

Considerations to Take into Account Before Installing Glass Sliding Doors

1. The amount of space you have and how much money you’re willing to spend

2. Who will be using the door, and what they’ll need to access it

3. How much time you’ll spend in your home

4. How much privacy and safety do you need


Glass sliding doors provide a sleek way to get around your home and offer endless possibilities for flexibility. You can integrate them into almost any room or hallway in your house, changing their look by the type of door you install, how many panels it has, or what kind of moveable hardware you put in place.

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