What is Místè Limoncello


Místè Limoncello is a handcrafted limoncello drink made with organic ingredients. Made with high quality lemons, the fruit adds a refreshing hint citrus hint to the liquor. For starters, the quality of the ingredients used in Místè Limoncello are impeccable. The Sorrento lemons add a savoury and sweet taste to the beverage. The lemons are hand picked in October, In addition, the organic liquor and sugars add a gourmet feeling to the Limoncello, allowing the citrus flavours to really stand out.

How does it pair?

This limoncello is best served on ice since it helps to bring out the aromatic flavours. In addition, freezing the liquor before consuming it brings out a mouthwatering and sweet aroma. This limoncello has a very thick and well balanced taste, making it a great pairing for Italian dishes like Bruschette or salads. In addition, it makes for the perfect after dinner drink. When frozen before hand, the chilled beverage can help heighten the taste of your dessert.

Místè Limoncello

Final Verdict

If you have a palate for high quality drinks, this limoncello will surely hit the spot. The refreshing Sorrento lemons, organic sugars, and gourmet brewing process make this drink one of a kind. With a subtle bitter finish, it is a perfect pairing for desserts. This limoncello has a thick and aromatic flavour, giving off a gourmet taste that will surely please ones appetite. Finally, this limoncello is refreshing, and doesn’t have that oily finish.

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